Wholesale Reviews

For almost twenty years, Aegean Apparel Incorporated has been number one in service, quality, and accuracy. With a broad spectrum of accounts, ranging from multi million dollar department stores with high profile orders to small retail shops that cater to a much more specialized audience, Aegean knows that customer service means customer satisfaction. Let us know how you feel about the work we do, or read up on our client’s past experiences. If you want to submit your own reviews or comments, please email it to us at contactus@aegeanapparel.com. All reviews are subject to final approval before it can be published online.

Brandon Staphord
There’s no question about quality when it comes to Aegean Apparel. My retail company has been in business for twelve years, and we almost never get the pleasure to work with a wholesaler like Aegean. After ordering a relatively large shipment, we experienced no delays, no mix ups, and no excuses which were like a breath of fresh air. Our order arrived when expected and sold really well. There were no complaints about defects and, over all, everyone was happy. Five stars.

K. Donaldson
I own my own online retail site, and have been looking to expand its product line into sleepwear. It took me almost eight months to find a company that I could trust and that was Aegean Apparel. I spoke to a woman named Naile on the phone over a dozen times and I always felt like my business was top priority. I ended up choosing a couple of P.J. styles that I thought would take off, and I was right. Their Turkish craftsmanship even translates well online. I am almost out of stock now and will be happy to reorder.

Brenda Baldwin
My husband and I have a little bed and breakfast called Frankies, and we were searching for a company that could supply us with towel sets and spa style bathrobes. Aegean Apparel made it so easy to outfit Frankies and help our customers to feel more at home. Their designs are very simple and quaint and the bathrobes are very soft and luxurious.

Harold & Harold
I recently ordered about 50 pieces from Aegean Apparel for a giveaway on my blog. I only delt with knowledgeable people, I didn’t experience any of the usual bumps while ordering from a company that manufactures outside of the U.S. and there was no price fluctuation. In the past I have been quoted one number, then ultimately charged double or triple that. This was not the case with Aegean. I will be returning.

James K. at ForYou2Wear
I do work at a company that styles celebrities, so we need about ten different options of everything you can think of, even pajamas. I was actually referred to Aegean Apparel by a friend who told me that they had some great products. When I called, I spoke to a girl who sent me a paper catalog of only the items that fit my requirements. Most companies will not create a personalized catalog for just one order. I received it quickly in the mail, and decided to pick out a few different styles in a lot of sizes. The whole package was literally on my desk in less than a week, and my entire order was correct. I even got a call the next day to make sure the order was to my liking and if everything was running smoothly. Aegean is a pleasure to work with!