Aegean Apparel Inc. stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent unrest brought on by centuries of injustice committed against the black community in America. 

For many years, AA has been committed to supporting numerous charitable causes. In the past, and continually moving forward, black founded, led, and owned and operated charities are an unending priority for AA to both support and bring greater awareness to.

The Purple Project, an organization dedicated to assisting youth and young adults who have, or will, experience transitioning out of the foster care system, is one which AA has previously partnered with to support. The organization was founded in 2009 by LaTasha C. Watts, who spent her entire childhood in the foster care system before "aging out" of it at eighteen years old. Faced with unthinkable hardships as a result of her journey, LaTasha is committed to ending that cycle for individuals who must walk a path that is similar to the one she experienced growing up. 

While AA and its team members have also made monetary donations to the #BLM organization and various others, we would love to hear from our customer base on other organizations, causes, and charities that we can continue to support to further show our solidarity in the fight to achieve meaningful social change around racial inequality in America and throughout the world. 

Please feel both welcomed and encouraged to reply to our post with any suggestions, or reach out to us via email at  


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