In case you somehow missed it, or are taking quarantine to the next level and completely hiding away, Legally Blonde 3 is OFFICIALLY happening and has been confirmed as of this week.

*Elle - "What, like it's hard?"*

So while scoring a Hollywood feature film trilogy may be near impossible for the majority, rocking the most prominent wardrobe outfits from the films is completely in reach. The only place to shop Elle's notorious Harvard Law dorm room robe is right where you're at. Our Happy Cloud Applique is the exact one seen on Legally Blonde and more recently, on Mindy Kaling in her comedic recreation of scenes from the iconic film.

The robe came to be such a notable feature in the first movie that they brought it back for the second - and the Aegean Apparel Lucky Duck Applique made its debut in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, & Blonde. 

In awaiting for the third film to be released, the Happy Cloud will always be on AA shelves for you to grab just by clicking here. And continue to stay tuned - because we're bringing back some of the past favorites while releasing new, never before seen, applique robes too. 

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