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Of course, there is a reason that Aegean Apparel has been on top of the bathrobe/sleepwear industry for almost twenty years. This reason is that not only do we know our product inside and out, but we know our customer even better. Bathrobes, pajamas, towels, and shower wraps are all important household staples that can help normal every day activities run more smoothly. The creator of our company, Mehmet Panayirci, took that idea alone and teamed up with family owned and operated textile factories in Turkey to make sure he could present consumers with the highest quality product possible. Here at Aegean Apparel, it is understood that the very best fabric and a high attention to detail does make a huge difference in any luxury bathrobe. Let us help you make the right choice, and explain a little more about the job that we do.

The bathrobe in particular is great for countless purposes. We love to use fabrics that range from silky and lightweight viscose blends all the way to a seriously luxurious, thick, and absorbent terry cloth, not to mention everything in between. Our thick terry cloth, for instance, is perfect for every day use. It’s absorbent, stylish, and comes in a variety of styles, appliques and colors for your own personal touch. We offer everything from solid terry cloth bathrobes in the most vibrant colors to sweet appliquéd bathrobes that give you the ability to express yourself through what you wear. Our waffle pique bathrobes are usually used in a hotel or spa type setting. One look at the beautiful square waffle detailing, the superior cut, and elegant presence will have your stress melting away before your very eyes. A different approach to the bathrobe is our Polyviscon robe. It’s a rich blend of polyester and viscose, resulting in a soft and silky fabric that is comparable to modal without the high price. The Polyviscon bathrobe is ideal for lightweight wear and makes a great travel robe because the wrinkles just fall right out, no matter how long it’s packed away. Those are just a few of the styles that Aegean Apparel has to offer, and we have made sure that they are as available to you, the customer, as possible. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday,  a bridal shower, Christmas, a family celebration, a thank you, a graduation, or a little treat for yourself, bathrobes from Aegean Apparel are 100% guaranteed to make a wonderful present.

Our super soft terry loop or terry velour robes can even be personalized with the monogram or picture of your specification. Choose a body style, a color from our hand picked Aegean approved color spectrum, and all of the little extras or embroideries that would make that robe a gift to remember, and our knowledgeable team of experts will help create it and ship it to your door. There’s nothing like top of the line customer service to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Owning a successful business in fashion also is about balancing a grip on tradition and listening to the latest trends and incorporating them into the items you create. That is why Aegean Apparel offers a fine line of organic and eco friendly products. There is not doubt that our planet deserves a little TLC, and that is why we have a large selection of natural, organic bathrobes that look amazing in the safest low impact vegetable dyes. Our ‘Bamboo Plush’ bathrobe is an outstanding item that is extremely absorbent and softer than anything else in its area. The fabrication is 100% bamboo, which means the environment will be free of any harmful impact and the resource will be renewed much easier.

Another new risk that we took was the development of a zero twist material, for those who are looking for the silhouette of a standard bathrobe with a bit more softness in the fabric. Normally, our Turkish spun cotton yarn starts off as raw substance, right off the cotton plant. It’s worked and twisted to make yarn, which is then used to make fabric for bathrobes, towels, and all kinds of other plush textiles. This type of process leaves a material that is very absorbent and balances between softness and durability. The new zero twist material is not twisted at all, instead it is stretched into thin yarn, and wrapped with strands of nylon threading. After that, it goes through a heating process to melt the nylon thread which creates strength while maintaining maximum softness. Popular trends like this breathe fresh air into the work we do, and we are proud to say that this one in particular has resulted in a beautiful product.

Our newest and most innovative item is, without a doubt, the cotton cozy bathrobe. In a market saturated with thick, plush polyester, we decided to take a different approach at reintroducing this natural fiber to our industry. The cotton cozy is comparable to the plush polyester material in that it is extremely soft and makes a perfect bathrobe to keep you warm and comfortable. What makes this material special is that it’s much more absorbent and durable than it’s synthetic counterpart. 

Of course, there’s more to full body relaxation than just a luxury bathrobe. That is why we at Aegean Apparel developed a full line of pajama sets to ensure your good night’s rest. Our knit and woven pajama sets come in a variety of colors, prints, pant lengths, and shirt styles. Are you looking for a tasteful, elegant pair of pajamas that find the perfect combination of durability and an expensive look? Our woven pajama sets were made for you, using 100% cotton, beautiful and traditional colors, and clean lines. Maybe you’re looking for casual, everyday sleepwear that has plenty of stretch for lounging, while still being fitted to the body. In this case, our knit pajama sets are perfect for you! They come in a variety of colors and bright, fun prints and will have you kicking back in no time. 

So, to answer your question, Aegean Apparel can attribute all of it’s success to one thing; knowledge of the customer. We pride ourselves on doing all we can to make sure our clients get exactly what they want without overspending. Beyond that, our premium quality, unbeatable customer service, and excellent products speak volumes to anyone who might be looking to indulge in a Turkish bathrobe. Enjoy.


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